3. Buurma Whitepaper (Digital PDF)

ByMike Nelson
Supports* front matter
* 0 layers of nesting (no parts)
* back matter


Designed for a school, company, or organization that wants to include their name, logo, and colors throughout the PDF. Because of its exstensive use of colors, it’s usually best viewed from a computer or handheld device.


  • Easier content editing because there are no nesting parts.
  • All hyperlinks converted into footnotes
  • The title page can include your organization’s name, project title, issue number, list of authors, and an introductory paragraph.
  • Each article includes just its title and content

Page Layout

  • The default title page includes a stylized banner (with customizable color) above a colored background featuring a large version of your company logo.
  • Main matter pages fade from white to a color of your choosing in the corner where your logo and page number are shown.
  • Page numbers in bottom-right corner, and article titles in the top-right. Front-matter’s pages are numbered with Roman numerals
  • Each article begins on a new page
  • Back matter uses your large company logo with background color

The background color is used to make a gradient in the background leading to the background embellishment next to the page number.
“Title Page Top-Banner Color” is the colour of the top bar on the title page.
“Background Color” is used to make the gradient colour (mixed with white) on the title page and subsequent pages.
“Organization Name” is used at top of the title page (it’s part of the design so the design can be easily reused for multiple documents created for the organization.)
“Background Embellishment” is a logo or image used on the title page and in the corner of other pages.
Buurma design adds many other project metadata affecting the default title page. “Issue” is text that appears in the top-right corner, ideal for an issue number. “Title” is used as the project title. “By Line” is a good place to put the author’s name. “Date Issued” can optionally show the date the project was published. “Coverpage Preamble” is text appearing at the bottom of the title page.

Generic Settings

“Apply Website Theme” will let your current theme help style the generated file. Generally themes are not well-suited to print and require significant customization to work, so we generally suggest you leave it unchecked. If you decide to check it on, you will need to have a business license in order to receive help resolving layout issues. So again, it’s usually recommended to leave it off. (The most common reason people want to use their theme is because they like the font, but adding a custom font to your design is usually easier than resolving all the theme’s print layout issues.)
“Custom CSS” is CSS code to be used only in files PMB Pro generates; it won’t be used anywhere else on your website. Because PMB Pro uses Prince CSS, use any CSS from the official Prince documentation.