09. Update the Project

One advantage of using PMB instead of copy-and-pasting into Microsoft Word is how much easier it is to update the content. See a typo in post? Fix it in the post in WordPress, and it will be fixed in the next PDF or ePub file you generate. Want to change all the hyperlinks to footnotes in the Digital PDF? Go back to “Customize Digital PDF Design” and change the setting (instead of searching through the entire Word document). Changing your choice of content and design is also easy. Use the project progress links (at the top of each project step) to go back to any previous step and change it.

The project’s progress links appear at the top of every page of a project. This screenshot was taken from the “Generate Print Page” step and so it is bold.
When you hover over a project, links appear to jump to any step you want, including the final “Generate Print Page” step.

After you’ve changed any of the posts or pages in your project, or any other changes to your project, go back to the “Generate Preview Page” step and click “Generate” again.