How to Divide Projects into Parts

Some books and documents have parts, either numbered (eg “Part 1”, “Part 2”, etc) or with descriptive names (eg “Science”, “Fine Arts”, etc) which are then further divided into articles.

A table of contents for a project divided into “parts”. The part titles are in bold, whereas article titles are indented.

Print My Blog Pro can support this. Additionally, the table of contents reflects the higher-ordered divisions, and many designs can include the part’s title in the margins of the page.

To achieve this, you first need to choose a design that supports parts. Most designs do. But to be be sure, when choosing the design, look at the design’s details pop-up. It should say “Supports… “1 layer of nesting (each article can put in a part)”.

When choosing a design for your project, hover over the design and click on “Design Details”. There you will see if the design supports “1 layer of nesting (each article can put in a part)”.

On the “Edit content” step, add a part by from existing content:

  • Drag a post (or page or other post type) into your project. This will be the part.
  • Drag another post below-and-to the right of it, just over “drag or click here”. This will be an article inside the part.
  • Add more articles under the part by dragging them next to the article.
  • Add more parts by dragging them above or below the previous part.

To add a part from new content:

  • Inside your project’s “Main Matter”, click “Drag or click here”.
  • Enter the name of the part. A new part will appear.
  • Under that new part, click its “Drag or click here” and enter the article’s name.
  • Add more articles by clicking “Drag or click here” inside the part.
  • Add more parts by clicking “Drag or click here” below the part.

When parts and articles are added this way, they initially have no content. Click on the pencil beside each part to add its content.

When searching for articles to go inside each part, you can refine the list of content by using the search and filters. Eg you may want to only see posts, order by title, and search for the word “transparency.”

Searching for posts with the word “transparency”. Ordering results by title alphabetically.