Units of Length and Getting Sizes Right

Print My Blog Pro supports the same units as regular CSS, such as:

  • pixels (px)
  • points (pt)
  • inches (in)
  • millimeters (mm)
  • current font size (em)

These units can be used for font size, page size, margin size, etc.

Typical Sizes Of Things

Typically, Print My Blog’s designs have the following sizes:

Main Heading Size (h1s)24pt
Standard Font Size12pt
Page Height11in
Page Width8.5in
Margin Size0.75in
Dots Per Inch (DPI, or Pixels Per Inch)96

How do I Convert Between Units?

Normally, the following are some helpful conversions:

px to pt: multiply by 1.33333 (1 pixel equals 1.333 points)

px to in: divide by 96 (96 pixels equals 1 inch)

px to mm: multiply by 0.26558333 (3.77 pixels equals a millimeter)

For more conversions, check out UnitConverters.net.

How Big Should My Fullpage Images Be?

If you want to make an image that will exactly fill one page, how do you know what size to make it?

Image Height

image height = page height - top margin - bottom margin

image height = 11in - 0.75in - 0.75in

image height = 9.5in = 912px

Keep in mind, if you’re adding a caption, that will be take up some space too, so you’d probably want something more like 9in.

Image Width

image width = page width - left margin - right margin

image width = 8.5in - 0.75in - 0.75in

image width = 6in = 576px

DocRaptor also has some helpful information about standard page sizes and the conversion between pixels and inches.

As always, if you need more help or don’t find this sufficient, please contact us.