12. FAQs & Common Problems

I’m Getting an Error When I Click “Generate”

After clicking “Generate” on any format, you might get an error saying “There was an error preparing your content. Please visit the Print My Blog Help page”

When you’re on a project’s “Generate Print Page” step, and click “Generate”, you might get an unpleasant message saying “There was an error preparing your content. Please visit the Print My Blog Help page.”

This is a generic message saying there was some error while your project’s contents were compiled into a single print page. It doesn’t give the reason, but more information is recorded behind the scenes.

The most common reason for this is that your design is not applying your website theme but the content requires it (e.g. the Divi theme by Elegant Themes has this problem). You can try fixing this by applying your website’s theme to the design you’re using, then regenerating the Print Page.

If that doesn’t resolve the error, please don’t hesitate to ask for help from PMB support, as the problem is most likely a conflict with another plugin that we’d like to know about anyway.

I Can’t Activate My License or Use Pro Features

After you purchase a license for Print My Blog (PMB) Pro via Freemius (payment and software delivery service used by PMB), Freemius will send you an email with two things:

  1. a link to download PMB Pro
  2. your license key

You must deactivate the free version of PMB (downloaded from WordPress.org), install and activate the Pro version, and enter your license key. These steps are explained in detail, along with a video, in the Getting Started section.

If you’re still having trouble, please don’t hesitate to ask for help.

There’s Something I Don’t Want in the Generated File or Blank Pages at the End

You may have a plugin adding content to your website, but you’d rather it not add its content to files generated using PMB. Examples of this are banners and extra content automatically added to posts.

Likewise, sometimes plugins only half add their content to PMB’s PDFs; meaning they take up space but you don’t actually see anything (most often manifested as an extra blank page at the beginning or end of the file).

While you might manage to remove this content yourself, it’s usually best to ask for PMB’s help directly (so we can add a fix to PMB itself and save future users this annoyance.)

How Do I Find Which Post Relates to Content In My Project?

If you find a typo in a PDF or ePub generated with PMB, how do you find the right post (or page or custom post type) to edit?

The easiest way is using the post’s URL, which all the classic designs can show (it’s on the customize design step). Just find the URL preceding the content you want not fix, click on it (depending on the program, you might need to press Ctrl+click on Windows, Cmd+click on Mac). That will take you to view the post on your website. If you’re logged in, click the “Edit Post” link at the top.

In this Word document, this design was set to display the post’s name, ID, and URL. Hold down CTRL (or Cmd on Mac) and click the URL to go to the post.
When you’re viewing the post, click “Edit Post” in the top of the page to edit it.

If your design doesn’t show the post’s URL, or you’ve customized it not to, you can still search using the post’s name. Just go to the All Posts page, then search using the post’s name. Once you find it, click it to go to the editing page.

Alternatively, go to the “All Posts” admin page, and search for the post by name. (If it’s a page, go to the “All Pages” admin page, etc.) Then click on the post to edit it.

After you’ve made the adjustments and fixes you need to the post, just update it (on your website) and the next time you generate the project’s file, the changes will appear.

To regenerate the project’s file (e.g., the PDF), go to Print My Blog ยป Pro Print, find your project, and click on its title. (This will take you to the Generate Print Page step unless something else needs to be done first.)

Once you’ve made your changes, go back to Print My Blog’s “Pro Print” projects page, and click on the project. This will take you to the “Generate Print Page” step again.

From there, click the Generate button, and then download the file as normal.

On the “Generate Print Page” again, click “Generate” to regenerate it with the updated posts.