01. Introduction to Custom Designs

For most users, Print My Blog (PMB) Pro Print, shouldn’t require any coding. By choosing an appropriate design (eg one that supports the needed nesting level) and using its available settings, most users should achieve a look they’re happy with.

Here’s the main options for customizing a design, the simplest first:

  1. Add custom CSS to an existing design (using only CSS code). Used to change the style of your project, like changing background, margins, or fonts.
  2. Add a custom HTML section template to an existing design (using PHP and HTML). Used to change what content from a particular post gets included in the project, like custom fields.
  3. Create a new design (using PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript). Used when your design changes are so extensive it makes sense to make a totally different design.

Feel free to skip ahead to the option that sounds the most fitting, but you might like to learn a little about how PMB Pro Print works under the hood, or how PMB Pro Print Page’s HTML is structured.