Print My Blog (PMB) Pro uses shortcodes for dynamic content in projects.

pmb_project_titleInserts the current project’s title. If the project has a metadatum called “Title” it is used instead. Especially useful for custom title pages, or referring to the project itself elsewhere in the project.Praise for [pmb_project_title]
pmb_tocInserts the project’s table of contents. The table of contents is generated dynamically, and styled by your design. Useful in case you want to customize the table of contents page.Topics covered:
Have fun!
pmb_title_pageInsert’s the design’s entire dynamic title page. Each design generates the title page differently, usually using project metadata.
If you want to customize the title page, you should probably instead use <-- pmb there is no project title because this post is not being viewed as part of a project. You should probably not show this post to site visitors by making it private.-->
pmb_bylineGets the project’s metadatum “Byline” which normally contains the project’s author(s). A Tale of Two Thumbs
pmb_footnotePlaces the content between the opening and closing shortcode in a footnote when a project is printed. Useful for including content besides URLs in footnotes.Print My Blog makes WordPress a replacement for Microsoft Word![pmb_footnote]]Note: Print My Blog is not part of the WordPress Foundation. It is a plugin that extends WordPress[[/pmb_footnote]