How to Customize a Design’s Settings

Each design can be customized extensively from its customization page.

Here are a few ways to access a design’s customization settings page:

  • from the Designs page (under Print My Blog menu item), scroll down to the design and click “Customize”
  • when choosing a design for a project, click “Customize” on the design you want to use; or
  • when on a project’s the Generate step click on the “Customize Design” in the same row as the “Generate” button you pressed; or
  • from the projects list table, hover over a project and click “Customize Digital PDF Design” (or the equivalent for the format you’ve chosen, like Print-Ready PDF or ePub eBook)

Note that customizations made to the design will affect other projects using the same design, as designs can be reused across multiple projects. Also a project can be set up for multiple formats, each with its own design. In other words, changes made to a design will be seen any time using that same design in other projects, but will not be seen in other formats and designs, even on the same project.

Each design has its own settings, but each design has an option to “Apply Website Theme” and “Custom CSS”.