03. Choose The Project’s Title and Format

First, choose your project’s title. This will help you find the project later, it will appear on the project’s title page, in the top margins of some PDF designs, in the file’s name, etc.

The project setup area, where you set the project’s title and desired formats.

Next, choose the file formats you want. This choice will affect the options on all subsequent steps, which is why it comes first (for example, the file format dictates what designs are available.)

Digital PDFs are intended for viewing on a computer, tablet or phone, but not necessarily for printing to paper. Usually includes working hyperlinks, ample colors, and other features that require a device.

Print-Ready PDFs are intended for printing on your home printer or with a printer service. Usually removes hyperlinks, avoids excessive ink use, and are designed for viewing the 2-page spread (using the front and back of a page).

ePub eBooks are for reading on phones, Readers, and computers. You can upload an ePub to Kindle Direct Publishing, Apple Books, Kobo, or any other online eBook marketplace. Note: the ePub format requires a purchase of a license.

Word Documents are a useful fallback for those accustomed to Microsoft Word and other word processors, or when this format is required by another program or person. The documents preserve minimal formatting when exported, but you’re of course free to format and style the documents to meet your requirements in Microsoft Word or other word processors. Note: the Word Document format requires the purchase of a Professional license.

If you intend to create your work in multiple formats, feel free to select more than one format here. Just realize that for each format you select there will be a few more steps, so you’re probably best only selecting the formats you really intend to use. If you change your mind later, you can come back to this step later and select additional formats.