Transparency Reports

Transparency Report of February 2023

Custom Fonts and Better Hyperlink Support

This is the 45th monthly report for Print My Blog (PMB) WordPress plugin, documenting my journey to be fairly compensated for my time and reach 10,000 active installs.

💰 $10,554.5/$39,192.28 (fairly compensated for time)

🖥5,????/10,000 active installs (on-par with other print button plugins)

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What Happened This Month


A new record for daily downloads, which I guess matters a bit.

Mailing List Stats

Stats from my MailChimp mailing list.

Almost 200 more subscribers in February. Although this will probably be the last screenshot from Mailchimp. They’re going to start charging me for having so many subscribers, so I’m likely going to switch to self-hosted Mautic.

Website Visits

Stats from my site’s Koko analytics (don’t need no Google Analytics, thank you!)

Nice increase in traffic, mostly on February 8th, although there was no new post on that day. Lots of traffic is going to the tutorials I wrote about making Word documents and a user manual.

Freemius Stats

Freemius just upgraded their analytics data, and there’s a ton of it. So much that it’s actually tedious taking screenshots of it (I tried using Nimbus note to take a screenshot of the entire page, but somehow that doesn’t work on this particular page.)


Phew, biggest revenue yet! A big $600 of that is from a new annual business license who need a custom template. It’s been pretty challenging but good.
No refunds this month. Yippee. Although actually a little bit fewer payers than last month.

Monthly recurring revenue barely made it up above last month’s at the very end of the month.
Net active subscriptions was actually pretty stagnant.
Lots of annual payments this month accounted for the spike.


Apparently my active installs is crawling its way out of being negative. This bug still amuses me. 71 new active installs according to Freemius. Meuh.
261 folks activated my plugin during the month, but just 70-or-so kept it active. I’ve been aware of this for a while but haven’t pinpointed quite why that is.
3.22 is up. Tons of sites still on 3.3 (when I introduced Freemius integration for the first time).
WordPress 6.1’s adoption steadily growing.
7.4 still rules and is still growing. 8.0 is pretty far behind, although growing too.
India is the biggest grower this month.

-removed the Freemius SDK graph, that’s boring-

Biggest gainers percentage-wise are Chinese and Portuguese. I just added Chinese translations this month, but now I’m thinking about Portuguese. Dutch is also on the list for the first time…

Finances and More Plugin Stats

The Details

One of the main advantages of Print My Blog is that it intelligently handles hyperlinks when printing, making digital PDFs, ePubs, etc. (e.g., turning them into footnotes, page references, or removing them.) But, until this month, support for anchor links wasn’t so hot.

It’s probably more technical than most people care to read about, but sometimes if you had an anchor link like “”, and the post/page being referenced was included in the PDF you were generating, it wouldn’t correctly convert it into a page reference or anything. It would leave it as an external link to the website.’

Well, that got fixed in PMB 3.22.0: pretty well all anchor links should work as you would hope: they should be converted to a page reference or link inside the document you’re generating (whatever you set in your design). This applies to ePubs and Word Documents, too. If not, it’s a bug I’d like to hear about.

On a similar note: if the “www” is optional on your website, whether you add it or not, those hyperlinks should be handled as expected.

Oh, and if your hyperlinks use “http” when they should use “httpS”, those are also handled.

Custom Fonts

Adding a custom font to a PDF with Print My Blog has been a bit of a headache until 3.22.0. I had an article describing how to do it, but it was pretty technical. I’ve tried my best to improve that.

PMB 3.22.0 makes it so you can use the WP Media uploader to upload font files.

After that, all the Classic Designs (including the ePub one) allow you to set the font to “Custom”, then use WP’s Media uploader to upload a font file, or just enter the URL of a font file you’d like to use (on your website or elsewhere.)

Setting the “Font” to “Custom Font…” brings up the “Custom Font” input, where you can upload a font file, choose one you’ve previously uploaded, or just enter the URL of a known font file.

So that’s custom fonts in PDFs and ePubs– what about Word documents? Word Documents are a bit weird: Microsoft Word just stores its own fonts on the machine, not in the document file. That means you need to have the font file pre-installed, but then you can just specify that font in the “custom CSS” of the design, like so:

/* No need to declare a font face; Microsoft either already has the font or it doesn't. Telling it where to fetch the font won't help; you need to install the font on your system first. */

/* Use a custom font in headers h1-h5 and anything with the CSS class "has-large-font-size" */
h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, .has-large-font-size{
	font-family: Loverstruck !important;

Dividing Lines Have Landed!

Ok this is a really small feature, but it was requested and it’s new, so I thought I should announce it.

The Classic PDF designs now have a checkbox for adding a dividing line between posts. This is especially handy if you’ve chosen to not make posts start on a new page.

Thinking Out Loud

Broke $1000/Month Mark This Month!

Sales exceeded $1000 this month, yippee! But over half of that was from a single annual business license for almost $600. So I don’t think this will be the new norm just yet.

What’s Next?

I’m writing this at the end of March, as life’s kinda blown up since the end of February and start of March, so I already know what’s happened for 95% of this month. So I’m not really going to bother with this this month.

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