Quick Print vs Pro Print

Should you use Print My Blog’s Quick Print or Pro Print? And if using Pro Print, should you print with your browser for free or pay for the Pro Print Service?

Quick Answer

Use Pro Print to:

  • make professional-looking printouts you could sell or share to represent your company or organization
  • use features like table of contents, customize order and grouping content into sections, pre-built and custom designs, footnotes and page references, custom post types (eg shop products or events), and more

Your browser can make documents using many of those features but probably not all of them. But in order to use the full power of PMB Pro, you’ll want to pay for our Pro PDF Service.
Feel free to try PMB Pro with your browser and try downloading free test files using the Pro PDF Service for comparison.

Having said that, there are a few things Pro Print might not meet certain needs yet. For instance, Quick Print:

  • handles printing out thousands of posts or pages
  • is very quick and easy to use
  • works on private sites (localhost or behind a network firewall)

So Pro Print will look better, but you might still prefer or need Free Quick Print.

More Details

Quick Print (free)Pro Print (free with browser)Pro Print w/ Paid License
Free❌Watermarked until buy a subscription
Setup Time✅ seconds⚠️ minutes⚠️ minutes
Printout Thousands of Posts⚠️ Not yet⚠️ Not yet
Works on Private Sites⚠️ Not Yet
Save Projects
Customize Order of Posts
Custom Post Types
Customize Header Content/Title Page⚠️ Only remove parts
Table of Contents⚠️ No Page Numbers
Organize Chapters into Sections
Print-Only Posts (a.k.a. “Print Materials”)
Develop Custom Designs
Printouts and PDFs
Choose Pre-Made Designs
Uses Styles from…❌Website Theme✅ Chosen Design or Website Theme✅ Chosen Design or Website Theme
Advanced Page Numbering❌ whatever your browser supports❌ whatever hour browser supports✅ Use Roman numerals for front matter, mirrored placement, fully customizable
Working Hyperlinks⚠️ Browser support varies⚠️Browser support varies
Page References✅ Pro PDF Service can convert hyperlinks to page references, footnotes, or anchor links
Supports 2-page/mirrored layout⚠️Browser support varies
Running Heads⚠️Browser support varies✅ differs per design
Per-post Design Templates
Rearrange Images to Avoid Deadspace
ePub eBooks
Generates ePub⚠️ Only through dotEpub⚠️ Only through dotEpub
Images stored in ePub file❌ images downloaded by reader while reading❌ images downloaded by reader while reading
ePub contains ”created using…” page❌ added by dotEpub❌ added by dotEpub⚡ optional for Pro & Business licenses
Microsoft Word Documents
Generate .doc files⚡ only for Pro & Business licenses

Download the plugin from WordPress.org and try them all, or read the User Guide for more info.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Difference Between Hobbyist, Pro, and Business Licenses?

The previous table compares PMB Quick Print (free), PMB Pro Print with the browser (also free), and PMB Pro Print with a paid license. It’s not intended for comparing different paid plans of PMB. For details on what features are included in each plan, please look at our pricing page.

Can I use Pro Print from localhost, a staging site, or a private site?

Right now, only when printing using your web browser. Pro Print Service won’t work properly because it’s run in the cloud and needs to download resources from your website… and if your website isn’t accessible from outside, it won’t work.

But if you really need this to work, please get in touch. We can explore the possibilities of using HTTP Basic Auth or Prince desktop app.

How Big of a PDF or ePub can Pro Print handle?

I haven’t yet encountered an upper limit, but I’d guess a few hundred posts because it creates the entire print page in a single HTTP request (and most webservers won’t let them take longer than 30 seconds.)

But if you do encounter an upper limit, please get in touch. There’s work to be done to make Pro Print support thousands of posts, just like Quick Print currently can.

Can the Print Buttons make Pro PDFs?

No, not yet. Right now they just print/make PDFs/make eBooks using the same technology as Quick Print. If this is a priority for you, please contact us.

My Question Still Isn’t Answered!

It’s probably not your fault! We probably haven’t answered it (or done so clearly enough). Please get in touch and we’ll see if we can help you out, and make our documentation clearer.