Free Quick Print vs Pro Print

Should you use Print My Blog’s Free Quick Print or Pro? We’ll give you all the details here!

Quick Answer

Of course we’d prefer you paid for Pro Print because it:

  • makes professional-looking printouts you could sell or share to represent your company or organization
  • has features like table of contents, customize order and grouping content into sections, pre-built and custom designs, footnotes and page references, custom post types (eg shop products or events), and more

But it might not meet certain needs yet. Free Quick Print:

  • is free and requires no registration
  • handles printing out thousands of posts or pages
  • is very quick and easy to use
  • uses your site’s theme
  • works on private sites (localhost or behind a network firewall)

So Print Print will look better, but you might still prefer or need Free Quick Print.

More Details

Free Quick PrintPro Print
Free❌Watermarked until buy a subscription
Setup Time✅ seconds⚠️ minutes
Printout Thousands of Posts⚠️ Not yet
Works on Private Sites⚠️ Not Yet
Save Projects
Customize Order of Posts
Custom Post Types
Customize Header Content/Title Page❌ Only remove parts ✅ Replace the Design’s Title Page Completely
Table of Contents
Organize Chapters into Sections
Print-Only Posts
Develop Custom Designs
Printouts and PDFs
Choose Pre-Made Designs
Uses Styles from…❌Website Theme✅ Chosen Design
Advanced Page Numbering❌ whatever your browser supports✅ can use Roman numerals for front matter, mirrored placement, fully customizable
Working Hyperlinks⚠️ Browser-dependent✅ Can automatically convert to footnotes
Page References✅ converts hyperlinks to includes posts to page inline page references, footnotes, or anchor links
Supports 2-page/mirrored layout
Running Heads✅ differs per design
Per-post Design Templates
Rearrange Images to Avoid Deadspace
Generates ePub⚠️ Only through dotEpub⚠️ Not yet

Download the plugin from and try them both, or read the User Guide for more info.