Make our content more accessible now and in the future by facilitating converting WordPress content into the formats readers prefer.

Each format (web pages, PDF documents, print, eBook) has its own advantages, readers that prefer it, and situations where it shines. As writers who want to reach the widest audience possible, and provide the best reading experience possible, it helps to let readers decide which format they want to read (rather than imposing our preferences on them.)

Who Likes Print?

  • people whose eyes get tired reading from screens
  • people without ready access to a device (like phone, tablet, computer)
  • people in real life
  • posterity who can’t read the digital copy
  • readers who prefer a physical copy for annotating or organizing

Who Likes PDF?

  • buyers who expect readily-accessible, portable content
  • someone who wants to reliably store the content digitally
  • people with a device but intermittent internet connection
  • people who want to read from a device while also disconnecting

Who likes eBooks?

  • eBook marketplaces like Kindle Direct Publishing ( Amazon KDP), Apple Books, Kobo, Barnes & Nobles
  • people who read books on their phone, tablet, or eReader

Who Likes Web Pages?

  • people who do everything from their phone or computer
  • people with a constant internet connection
  • people searching for quick answers
  • search engines
  • people who like more interactive learning (eg through video, audio, quizzes, etc)

There’s no need for content to be available only online or only in a PDF or only in print or only in an eBook. Similarly, you shouldn’t need to use a tech giant’s word processing application to write for print. WordPress can handle all that, do it better and do it with freely licensed, open-source software.

Print My Blog is just the final piece in the puzzle to allow you to use WordPress, and its huge community of resources and plugins, for all your writing needs to let your readers use the format they find most appropriate.

Thank you for joining me on this mission.

—Mike Nelson, Developer of Print My Blog