Why Make a Book and a Website?

For my plugin Print My Blog, I have created both an online user manual (using the plugin BasePress), as well as a digital PDF manual, printed book, and ePub eBook (all three with Print My Blog). Why?

Because each format is preferred by different people in different situations. Foremost: websites are great for finding quick answers, and books are better for long reads.

If you want to find out how to add cross-references inside your document, you’ll probably search for that online. An online search won’t show printed books. It might bring up a PDF file, but that’s more cumbersome than a website.

If you want to relax and do some reading or read extensively on a topic, a book on your tablet or a printed copy is more appealing. The linear structure of a book and its features for saving your progress and note-taking then make it preferred over a webpage.

As the developer of Print My Blog, it only makes sense for me to use my own software: to write for the web and print simultaneously. I’ve had many great ideas come to me as I’ve been using my own software (sometimes this is called “eating your own dog food”).

I believe once you’ve gotten a taste for “just because websites are a popular means of distributing information, you don’t have to read everything on a website”, you will wonder how we got along before.

Lastly, if you purchased a license for Print My Blog software, I think it only makes sense that you have a copy of the user manual to keep (that will even be available if the website is down or goes offline forever).

So it’s up to you: do you want to read online right now? Check out my online user manual. Do you want to read a PDF from a device? Download the digital user manual now. Want to read a printed copy? Buy a business license and I’ll mail you one.

Either way, enjoy learning about Print My Blog.

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