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How to Create an eBook from an Existing Project in Print My Blog

Version 3.10.0 of Print My Blog (PMB) added the ePub eBook export format, so you can create eBooks to conveniently read from handheld devices and sell on book marketplaces like Amazon, Kobo, Apple Books, etc.

In this short tutorial, I’ll show how to create an eBook from an existing project created in PMB.

For those who prefer to not read, here’s a 2-minute video tutorial showing the same thing.

First, go to PMB ‘s “Pro Print” projects page. Find the project and click “Setup” below it.

PMB’s “Pro Print” projects page, showing the link to the “Setup” step of a project.

If you have a paid license to PMB, you’ll see the option to add “eBook (ePub)” to your project. Check it and save.

A project’s “Setup” step, showing the new “eBook (ePub)” option available with a paid license to PMB.

As with other formats, you can choose your design, although currently there is only one. Click “Choose this Design”, or “Customize” if you’d like to customize the title page and what content is displayed from each article in your project.

The “Choose eBook (ePub) Design” step, which only has one design to choose. Clicking “Customize” will take you to customize the design, whereas “Use This Design” skips customizing it (you can come back and customize it later).

Before generating the project, you might want to click “Edit Metadata” to modify the ePub’s filename, cover image, description, etc.

On the “Generate Print Page” step, click “Generate” under “eBook (ePub)” format which creates the Print Page, where your content is all placed onto a single page.

A project’s “Generate Print Page” step with a link to generate a file in each format selected during the earlier “Setup” step. The breadcrumb links at the top can also take you to the “Edit Metadata” step, which has more options for the ePub, like choosing a cover image.

Click “Download ePub” to create the file.

The Print Page for an ePub. Clicking “Download ePub” downloads the file.

You’re now free to do what you like with the ePub file.

On your computer you can open it using an eBook reader like Calibre, or preview it using the Kindle Previewer.

An ePub eBook opened using the Kindle Previewer app (which is useful when preparing a project to sell on Amazon).

You can also send the eBook to your phone (e.g., email it to yourself and open the email from your phone) to read it from there. Likewise, you can send it to others or make it available for download by others so they can read it from the device of their choosing.

You can also upload it to a book marketplace like Amazon, Kobo, Apple Books.

Please let me know if you have any issues or want to request any new features.

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