Survey 3

Before testing, please:

  • deactivate Print My Blog on a site you want to use Print My Blog Pro on
  • download the latest Print My Blog Pro and install it on that site
  • after activating the plugin, it will ask you for a “license key”. You don’t have one yet, so click “Don’t have a license key? Activate Free Version”
  • in the Print My Blog menu, click “Upgrade”, then choose “Founding Members” and use the promocode coupon “beta” to get the free lifetime license (please do not share this promocode, it’s only for those who answered the first two surveys and this third survey). Here’s a video showing how to do that, if you’d like help.
  • use Print My Blog Pro to generate a “paid” PDF (your license gives you 2 free PDFs per month)
  • answer the 2nd survey (if haven’t already; if you missed the email, just use this link)

Done all that? Great then it’s time for…

The 3rd (and final) Survey

Remember: using the coupon code gave you a free lifetime license. For questions about payment, please put yourself in the shoes of someone else who would be paying.